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Since 1938, Hi Point Steakhouse has become a staple in the community for many travelers and locals alike. We are proud to be known as one of the best Ridgeway restaurants to offer traditional Wisconsin favorites and are grateful for the overwhelming support we have received from the surrounding communities over the years. From new owners and name changes to surviving multiple catastrophic fires, we are humbled by our rich history and are honored to carry on the Hi Point Steakhouse name and tradition.

Hi Point Supper Club

Over the Years…



Hi Point Steakhouse Is Founded

Hi Point Steakhouse was built in 1938 by Verl “Pickle” Nolen when highway 18/151 separated the property of Hi Point Steakhouse from the Nolen family farm. The original building during the 1940s included a bar, dance hall, and living quarters. Throughout the years, Hi Point Steakhouse became well known for hosting dances and other various extravaganzas. Pickle owned and operated Hi Point Steakhouse for approximately nine years before his sons became the second-generation owners of the establishment in 1946.

“Pickle” Verl Nolan and Hi Point Steakhouse in the 1930s-1940s.

Early 1950s

Hi Point Steakhouse Becomes Erickson Supper Club

The Nolen sons continued operations over the next several years before the business was bought by Robert ‘Bob’ Erickson in the early 1950s. The Steakhouse became well known throughout the time as Erickson Supper Club. Erickson incorporated a supper club atmosphere and expanded the dwelling by adding a full kitchen.


November 24, 1962

Tragedy Strikes

On November 24, 1962, an explosion in the kitchen during service led to heavy fire and smoke damage. Staff and patrons tried to control the fire until the fire department arrived. Despite their best efforts, the dining room was severely damaged by smoke and water, the living quarters were scorched, and the kitchen was a complete loss. Erickson rebuilt, and with the support of the community, was able to continue business as usual. Erickson continued to operate the business until the early to mid-1970s when he sold it to his sons, Bob and Leif. Leif became the sole owner in the following years.

Newspaper clipping of the Ridgeway fire that damaged Hi Point Steakhouse in 1962.

February 1975

Tragedy Strikes Again…

Tragedy once again struck in February 1975, as an alleged space heater in the entryway caught fire. The blaze erupted and moved quickly, rendering the building a complete loss, leaving only the chimney visibly standing the next day. As devastation set in, Erickson was moved by the outpour of the community and decided to rebuild. Erickson remodeled a secondary bar area and eventually erected a separate event space adjacent to the original building. Eventually, Erickson decided to close the supper club around 2011.

Newspaper clipping of the Ridgeway fire that demolished Hi Point Steakhouse in 1975.

Hi Point Steakhouse Closes…but not for long

The doors weren’t closed for long before the Ridgeway restaurant was under new ownership. With new ownership came a new name and image, transforming the former supper club into a sports bar. Located in the small town of Ridgeway, WI, populated by roughly 600 people, the sports bar was not as patronized as one would hope. The owners decided to pursue other avenues leaving the building vacant.



Hi Point Steakhouse as we know it today

Many patrons near and far remember Hi Point Steakhouse as a place they went for special occasions and upscale service growing up. People came to celebrate milestones in their lives, including engagements, anniversary celebrations, and birthdays. In 2015, the Skaifes purchased the building, and with some hard work, they transformed the sports bar back into a supper club and returned to the Hi Point Steakhouse name. The Skaifes brought old flare and new tastes back to the driftless area for young and old alike to enjoy. Throughout the years, many patrons have commented on the excitement of memories coming back to them when they walk through the door.

Hi Point Supper Club owners, Richard, Coz, and Tom Skaife.

Hi Point Steakhouse, nestled upon the hill, overlooks the driftless terrain and has become known as one of Southern Wisconsin’s premier supper clubs with breathtaking sunset views. Since 2015, Hi Point Steakhouse has received several awards and quality recognition. The Grand Ballroom event space was recently remodeled and expanded allowing us to host private parties and weddings. It was largely due to the heartfelt support and generosity of locals that kept all the staff employed during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Hi Point Steakhouse is best known for aged hand-cut steaks, great seafood, and cocktails, and we recently added a pastry department, which, like all the entrees that come out of the kitchen, are completely made from scratch. Our team uses local and fresh ingredients to highlight our dishes, including sourcing from the on-site garden when able.  

The Hi Point Steakhouse family welcomes you and yours to join us while trying one of our nightly features and sipping on your favorite cocktail.

hi point steakhouse


Monday: Closed
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